Foshan Nanhai Shuoyuan Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.

Foshan Nanhai Shuoyuan Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.

Our Company

Foshan Nanhai Electric Equipment Co. Ltd. has become one enterprise which combines R&D, manufacture, online and offline sales , after all staff's unremitting efforts, and the strong support from all sectors of our society for more than ten years. After years of constant improvement and innovation, our company is specialized in producing Nation Standard , as well as non-standard air heating elements and liquid heating elements. Our company can customize the product according to customer sample, design and produce based on special specifications.

Our Product

Foshan Nanhai Electric Equipment Co. Ltd. produces various kinds of electric heating elements, such as heating tubes, tubular heaters, tubular heating elements, heater elements, defrosting heating elements, defrosting heater elements, heating plates, heating belts, heating pads, heating wires, cartridge heaters, aluminum foil heaters, flexible heating elements, flexible heaters elements and some other customized heating elements.

Product Application

1.Defrosting Heating Tubes: apply in Unit Cooler, Air Cooler, Refrigerator, Freezer, Cold Storage, Refrigeration Industries etc.

2.Heating Tubes: apply in Oven, Toaster, Washing Machine, Electric Water Heater, Electric Fryer, Oil Heater, Air Heater, Machines and Moulds, etc.

3.Heating Plate: apply in Heat Press Machine, Transfer Printing Machine, Hot Stamping Machine, Boiler, Cooker etc.

4.Aluminum Foil Heater: apply in Kitchen, Refrigerator Defrost Heater, Domestic Appliance, Medical, Ceiling/Wall Panels, Incubators, Evaporators, Battery Warmmers, Food Warmmers, Laboratory Warmmers, Hermetic Compressors Heating, Freeze Protection of Plate heat exchangers etc.

5.Other Custom Made Heating Elements

Our Team
We have strong researching and developing team, many of our engineers have more than ten years experience on heating industry. And we have friendly and professional sales representatives to assist you for 24 hours. Our engineering and sales teams understand the importance of partnering with our customers to maximize value and provide low cost of ownership through design and performance.

Our Service

Providing on-time delivery and prompt on-sale and after-sale service are our constant pursuit. We could send the goods on your instruction, and if you do not want to handle shipping yourself, we could handle shipping for you. Shortest delivery time and lowest freight are our target, so the freight we provided are always the best, because we check many forwarders and get the best freight for you.

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